Sunday, February 05, 2006

Problems with Blogger

I have this blog set up so that comments both appear on the blog and come to me as email. In recent days, a number of comments have come as email that have not appeared on the blog. I assume this is some sort of bug in blogger, and thought it worth mentioning so that people would know I'm not deliberately blocking them. Such comments include ones from James Klock, Bryan Eastin, Anonymous (on language instruction) and Albatross--and I may have missed some.

If your comment doesn't appear after an hour or so, you might want to try resubmitting it.


Richard P. said...

Dr. Friedman,
I was scanning I have a suggestion for your site. She has a post for random comments. If one wants to post off topic, then one can post to that post. Just a suggestion.
Love the site, would love to see some of your recommendations for internet sites (ones you frequent).

sierra said...

I've also noticed comments have been showing up on my blog, but then disappearing. I re-posted one from my email cache, and that didn't make it, but the second one did. Go figure.

David_Z said...

I'm noticing that my blog postings don't show up in aggregators until about 10-15 hours I initially publish them.

Haven't had any problems w/comments, though.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean?