Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cell phone gadget frustrations

As long term readers of this blog know, I have for years been searching for a cell phone equivalent of my beloved Psion PDA's, a pocket computer with a useable keyboard. The closest I have managed so far is the G-1, which at this point it has most of what I want, including a word processor that can read and edit Word documents. But the keyboard is too small for real typing, the screen small for web browsing, and it does not support an external keyboard. Also it is from T-mobile, a carrier about which I have some reservations—although I have now learned that I could switch back to AT&T, which does not sell the G-1 but does support it.

I recently came across online references to the new HTC Touch Pro 2, which has a considerably larger screen and keyboard than my G-1 and seems to meet most of my other requirements. But ... .

The model currently out supports only the European 3G frequencies, and I live in the U.S. AT&T is supposed to be bringing out a U.S. model, but according to leaked pictures it will have a shrunken QWERTY keyboard in order to fit in an entirely unnecessary numeric keypad.

There are times when it would be nice to be dictator of the world. At least for a minute or two.


GregSJ said...

It is also rumored to be coming out for Sprint very soon (without any change to the keyboard.)

GregSJ said...


Granite26 said...

I've got the original Pro and am very happy with it, although I resent going with Verizon and it's slightly smaller memory and locked down GPS.

Among other things, I remote desktop to my work PC from the phone.

Just be sure to research phone differences (memory, etc) between carriers.

marko said...

I'll never understand American cell phone market where you have to choose network provider and cell phone simultaneously...

Max Marty said...

I've actually been considering the same sort of dilemma recently and have come to the conclusion "screw cell phones". Instead, I'm looking at MIDs (mobile internet devices) and that sort of thing. Many come with built-in support for 3G data services of one kind or another, and you can usually perform all sorts of hacks to get it to work with others... So far I've found these to be the best on the list



And a tad bit bigger, but still smaller than a netbook:


All of these can be bought from or

The only issue is that you might have to downgrade to XP or upgrade to Windows 7 on a couple of them to get them to perform well. Besides that though, it seems like the perfect solution to the problem. A couple even have built-in GPS.

Richard P. said...

I really like my Motorola Q9H. I think you can have a bluetooth keyboard, but no WIFI.


Daveon said...

The Touch Pro 2 also runs Windows Mobile 6.1 and is running on, in my opinion, a frankly under powered processor for the device. It certainly doesn't run as well as the Pro.

There should be some more Android based phones out later in the year which could be better. And early next year there will be a new Sony Ericsson that looks good.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I cheered for the Chinese Communist Party, when their government announced that from 2010, only phones that can be charged through a mini-USB socket are allowed to go on sale in China.
This law is already bearing very pleasant fruits, even well outside of China.

Still, I believe these benefits are not worth the losses incurred by central authority.

Anonymous said...

Hello David,

I am using the HTC Touch Diamond in the european version and I can only recommend you not to buy a device that uses Windows Mobile. I for myself will never ever buy again a Windows Mobile device of any kind. Windows Mobile is definately the worst operating system in the world and costs a lot of time and nerves. Don't do it. You would regret it.

It seems to me, that the best phone for your needs would be the RIM Blackberry Bold. Try this one.

Good luck, Philipp.

Author Gabriel Land said...

I am currently using a LG Rumor from Sprint, not that great except that the Qwerty keys have space between them! I can type fastwith my thumbs, not as fast as a computer keyboard, but pretty damn fast. eEverytime I pick up a Blackberry or Palm I realize how much more slowly I would have to type on those keys that are bunched up against one another. It is so much easier to hit the wrong key.

The Rumor is cheap and has no good qualities besides the keyboard, as it is designed for email, texting and IM'ing and cannot run windows. But when I need to reply to an important email, I am sure thankful that I am not doing so on a Blackberry or Iphone.

r4i card said...

The keypad. It takes a bit of getting used to. Other than that, this phone is perfect.