Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My China Trip

As I mentioned some time back, I plan to be at a conference in Xiamen, China, on May 17th and 18th. If I am going to go that far I'm not going to limit myself to two days, so I have been planning out other stops, hopefully with talks.

My current plan is to spend about two weeks away from home. Given the time spent flying, that leaves about twelve days for visiting places. Other than Xiamen itself, the two most likely stops are Seoul and Hong Kong. If I do only those three, that gives me about four days in each. 

If anyone is interested in setting up a talk in any of those places, or somewhere else en route such as Taiwan, Shanghai, or possibly as far as Singapore, let me know either by a comment here with your email address or by an email to me ( I don't think fitting Australia in is going to be practical this trip, although it would be fun.


Anonymous said...

We love to have you come to camp in North Korea. Just kidding.

Xerographica said...

Good work made me chuckle. What came to mind is Lucy pulling the football away right before Charlie Brown was going to kick the heck out of it.

Friedman, if you're walking on the street in Shanghai and smell something good, then it might be one of three things...roasting chestnuts, roasting sweet potatoes or lamb skewers.

Oh, and please remember that pedestrians really really really do not have the right of way.

Brad Williams said...

Suggest you contact Professor in Dalian. Will point him to this post too.

Unknown said...

If you're interested in Dalian, I can try to find the right people to contact. I teach at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, which is a second-tier Chinese university. It used to be famous as the alma mater of Bo Xilai, until that part of our history was suddenly and mysteriously deleted from all references I can find to the university.

We've met once or twice, in the late 80s when I was an organizer of the U of C Objectivist club. Never would have guessed in those days that I'd end up teaching at a university in China!

David Friedman said...

Robert: Dalian is pretty much en route, but it's looking as though I will already have as many stops as I want. If one or more of them falls through I may want to get back to you. Can you email me so I'll have a way of reaching you?