Friday, April 24, 2015

My June Speaking Trip

I am planning to spend the second half of June traveling, with talks in New Delhi and Bali. New Delhi is about half the world away from California, with the result that you can get there going either east or west. Checking airline schedules, it looks as though alternatives include a stop in, among other places, Shanghai, London, Paris or Frankfurt.

If anyone in one of those cities or nearby would like a talk, let me know. I could easily enough take an extra two days for the purpose.

P.S. Plans are now more definite. I will be flying to Delhi, with a couple of days in Shanghai en route, giving talks in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, then on to Bali. I may end up spending a day or two in Singapore on my way back home.


pinkgothic said...

*finds herself wondering whether Hamburg's distance to Frankfurt qualifies it as 'nearby', and if goodgamestudios would in any way be interested in a talk about the economic benefits of anarchy* *squints* *exhales* ...okay, no, but it was a nice fantasy while it lasted.

Anonymous said...

Australia's not far from Bali!... well, not too far... Ok it's kind of far, but pretty please!

David Friedman said...

I did consider Australia, and will probably go there again one of these years, but I thought visiting India would be more interesting.

Deane said...

Sri Lanka, a stop-over surely. A young libertarian think tank in the island would benefit tremendously :)