Monday, March 06, 2017

Anyone Want a Talk in or near Europe?

It looks as though I will be giving a talk in Moscow on May 30th. If I am going to come that far, I might as well give more than one talk. Is anyone in that part of the world interested? Looking at flights to Moscow, they seem to typically go through London, Paris, Frankfurt, or Istanbul, although I expect there are other alternatives. 

Another alternative is somewhere reasonably close to Moscow, such as Helsinki or Tbilisi. I gave a talk in Georgia once over the internet, perhaps I could give one in person.

My usual requirement is an interesting and interested audience and expenses. An honorarium is appreciated but not essential.


Anonymous said...

How about a talk in Graz, Austria?

We've got the second-largest university in Austria, a young and open-minded economics department and a research group on climate change, consisting of scientists and economists, who I think would benefit a great deal from hearing your perspective on climate change. You also have a small but growing fanbase around here who would be thrilled to meet you.

It's 2h by car from Vienna, 2h 30min by train.

Anonymous said...

Oh and we also have the world's largest historical armory which you would surely enjoy:

David Friedman said...

Sounds like fun. Would a few days before May 30th or a few days after fit your schedule better?

Anonymous said...

Great! I have a slight preference for after. I suggest we talk about details via email. I've already sent you one.

Unknown said...

Hi David,

Would you like to give a talk to business executives and bankers about the application of classical liberalism to business leadership? I am the head of the London chapter of the Bastiat Society. We are not academic-focused or think-tanky, but rather commercial in our membership and themes.

With a few weeks' notice I'm sure we could work around your own availability to visit London en route to your Moscow talk on 30 May.

Kind regards,
Martin Cox

David Friedman said...


I'm not sure I have anything to say on that topic--I would have to think about it. London is conveniently en route and I like it. On the other hand, I have been to London multiple times and given lots of talks there, so more exotic places have a somewhat higher priority.

Unknown said...

Professor Friedman:

If you come to Budapest, Hungary, we can organize you a university event, meet you at the airport, take care of your accommodation in a good hotel and drive you to Graz, Austria.

Anonymous said...

Hello Professor Friedman,

The Frankfurt Students For Liberty would love to host you for a talk at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. We do not have any special topic in mind right now but could elaborate on that if we find a suitable date and you're interested to visit us.

All the best,
Patrick Maronna

Anonymous said...

P.s. You can write me at

Unknown said...

Hello Mr. Friedman,

We would like to host you under our project "Liberty for me" in Podgorica, Montenegro. It would be great to have you hear.

Here is an example of "Liberty for me" project for speakers:

Hope we will have an opportunity to meet you here!

Best regards,

Slobodan Franeta (

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

Have you ever been to Poland? Young libertarian movement is quite vital recent years, with various associations and think-tanks.

I could organise you lectures with open audience and meetings with libertarian leaders in few of our beautiful cities :)
You can answer me here or on

Can't wait to show you Poland!
Best regards,

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

I am local coordinator of European Students for Liberty in Georgia. I was very happy to see your suggestion. By that time, we are having a regional (annual) conference in Batumi - a seaside city in Georgia. We would be very happy to have you as a guest.

We will be looking for your response! In case you are interested, you can answer me here

Liza Katsiashvili

Simon Andersson said...

I hope you will come to Prague! Prague is really nice and I think there are several groups that would be eager to host you.

David Friedman said...


I have visited Prague and liked it, although I did not succeed in learning to like beer. At the moment it looks as though I will have enough invitations from places I have not visited before to fill the amount of time I want to spend traveling, but if that does not turn out to be the case I will consider your suggestion.

Josef Sima said...

Dear professor Friedman. I am glad Simon suggested Prague. We had you over years ago for Liberalni Institut Summer University and things have developed since then. I am now running a private university and last year we launched a wonderful new international PPE MA program with free-market-leaning students from 15+ countries and international faculty which includes Pete Boettke, Mike Munger, David Schmidtz, Boudewijn Bouckaert etc. Take a look and let me know any time you see a possibility to come and get involved. (mail: