Monday, June 19, 2017

Shanghai and Batumi

Two cities I have enjoyed visiting and hope to visit again. They are quite a long distance apart and in many ways very different, but they have one thing in common. In both cities, all the architects are crazy.

Not, however, in the same way. Shanghai architects are science fiction crazy:

 A spherical building of glass

A skyscraper with a stylized Saturn on top. 

Or a space station.


A very large transformer, about to transform.

Batumi architects are fantasy crazy. 

Build a tower. Take a bite out of one side. Insert a magic spinning array of capsules.

Each, presumably, containing someone. Or something.

A three pointed tower, complete with clock and gilded dome.

A steampunk palace.


Xerographica said...

I remember three things that smelled good on the streets of Shanghai... cumin lamb skewers, roasting chestnuts, and baked sweet potatoes. I'm guessing that we don't have a thriving street food culture here in Los Angeles because of too many stupid regulations.

Not sure if you already saw this... The case for abolishing prisons. I think it would be a big step in the right direction.

Power Child said...

Holy cow!

The "Saturn" building is apparently the Radisson. I wonder if that's a spinning restaurant up there? Maybe it's where you could have taken your continental, er planetary, breakfast.

The converging points on the "transformer" building look like they're covered in glass windows. Do you suppose they are the skylights of an atrium, or do you think there are actually floors and offices up there?

The "bitten" building has a strange golden gulper eel that appears to be attempting to eat one of its corners, but it won't get very far since its tail is bolted down. The building in the foreground of that photo has some strange stuff going on too.