Monday, October 09, 2017

European Speaking Trip in April

I have made tentative arrangements for another European trip. At the moment it looks like four or five talks in two weeks, so I could squeeze in a few more, hence this post. Current schedule:

April 14th, Belgrade

April 21st, Sofia

April 28th, Norway

Sometime between those dates possibly Poland, possibly Milan. For additional talks I prefer places reasonably close to places already on my schedule, so as not to spend too much time traveling.

My usual terms are expenses plus whatever honorarium the host thinks appropriate. Defining expenses gets complicated for a multi-talk trip. If one host has offered to fly me to Europe and back, I expect others to provide accommodations and any additional travel expenses, otherwise it's accommodations plus an even division of travel expenses among the hosts.

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Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm going to have to purchase some paper copy of your books or I'll have to have you sign my kindle.

Now to spend the next few months trying to think up a question that will impress you.