Saturday, December 09, 2017

How to Make Cherry Coke Zero

I consume a lot of soda, mostly Coke Zero or Diet Coke–enough so that I buy it in two liter bottles. I enjoy sometimes switching to the cherry version of the drink for variety. Unfortunately, Cherry Coke Zero is not available in two liter bottles in this part of the country. 

I have found a solution to this problem and am posting it here for the benefit of anyone else in a similar situation. 

Iranian restaurants offer a sour cherry drink as one of the options on the menu. I like it and my daughter likes it, so on a recent visit to our local Iranian grocery store I bought a bottle of the syrup that it is made with. 

Add a dash of that to a glass of Coke Zero and you have a do-it-yourself Cherry Coke Zero.


Anonymous said...

That's a useful formula. Unfortunately Coke Zero has been taken off the market; the company now sells a product called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. To me it tastes perceptibly different, with less of the bitter undertaste that I enjoy in Coca-Cola; the change is akin to to change from Coca-Cola to New Coke, which I also disliked. My current substitute is Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper, which seems to be easier to find in 2-liter bottles than in any smaller size.

Many years ago, I encountered a drink with a sour cherry taste at a Greek restaurant. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be common at Greek restaurants.

David Emami said...
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David Emami said...

I use Torani's sugar-free syrups for that, myself. Cherry, vanilla, raspberry and coconut all produce nice results. I haven't tried it with sharbat'eh albaloo (the Iranian cherry stuff) but that sounds interesting.

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