Sunday, January 14, 2018

Economics Journals Free to a Good Home

I retired at the end of last year and have been cleaning out my office, which includes dealing with long runs of a variety of journals–AER, JPE, JLS, JEP, JLE, ...  . I hate to throw them out but I don't have much use for them at present or adequate free bookshelf space. Is there anyone out there who would like some or all of them? If you are in the SF Bay Area you could just pick them up, if elsewhere we would have to check on ways of getting them to you.


Anonymous said...

David are you retiring from lecturing too? If not, do you have anything scheduled?

David Friedman said...

My current schedule is the Freedom Summit in Phoenix, February 2-3, a Blockchain conference in Mexico February 5-8, SFL in D.C. March 2-4, Libertopia in San Diego March 29-April 1, ESFL in Belgrade April 13, Sofia April 21st, the Capitalist Party of Norway April 28th, Libertopia in San Diego May 3-6.

The dates are for the events–I don't always know which day I am speaking on. And details are fuzzy on some of them.

But no, I am not retiring from lecturing.