Tuesday, March 27, 2018

My Europe Trip: Schedule

My schedule is now definite.

4/13-15 Belgrade: ESFL Feud Law,  
Liberland event Reputational Enforcement 
4/17 Prague Feud Law. Video of the talk 
4/19 Bucharest Market Failure—An Argument Both for and Against Government (my talk starts about 17:31)
4/21 Sofia: Bulgarian Libertarian Society An Economic Analysis of the Market for Law

4/24 Budapest (at Corvinus University) A Positive Account of Rights
4/26 Maastricht: MSFL Population, Climate, and the Problem With Externality Arguments
4/28 Oslo: Capitalist Party in Norway   Market Failure
4/30 Oxford: Oxford Union    Market Failure: An Argument Both for and Against Government

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your lecture in Prague. Thank you! It is amazing that there is also record of that with very good soud https://www.facebook.com/vejdiven/videos/1715830021842094/. I hope I will see your talk once again in the future in Europe! You are like rockstar for me! It is shame that I don't have your paper book yet. It is little hard to get here but I am planning to buy it from the UK.