Wednesday, January 16, 2019

My New Book is Now Out

Legal Systems Very Different from Ours, mostly by me but with one chapter each by Peter Leeson and David Skarbek, is now available on Amazon, both as a paperback and as a kindle.

 One of the nice things about current publishing technology is that revision is pretty much costless. So if any of you get a copy and spot something wrong, a typo, an index reference that is wrong, a mistaken fact, let me know and if I agree I can fix it.


William H. Stoddard said...

You got a blurb from ¡¡James Buchanan!!? Wow, that's cool.

Perry E. Metzger said...

Purchased on Kindle!

Modern Mugwump said...

Just read the first chapter, on China. Fascinating. Probably not surprising, but it seems many elements of that system survive in modern China.

Can't find it now, but I read on Quora of a clueless Westerner, China resident, who smashed into somebody's car. She admitted she was at fault. Police came. Drivers exchanged contact info.

Then she went home and "waited for her court date" to resolve blame and compensation. For months. Ignored repeated requests from the other driver for compensation. "Waiting for her court date." Eventually the police showed up and pressured her to settle with the other driver. Still, she "waited for her court date", thinking that it's somehow illegitimate to settle out of court.

Eventually after many months the police show again, and put her in jail (not prison) for a few days until she caves and settles - by direct negotiation with the other driver.

Afterward she posts on Quora asking "what the heck happened"?

It was completely obvious from her story that she was expected to at least make a good faith offer of compensation.

I presume that courts would hear the case only if the parties couldn't agree AFTER negotiation, and that the party that made the more reasonable offer would likely prevail.

Modern Mugwump said...

BTW, margins on the book are far too small. I know it saves paper, but there's a reason regular publishers use margins - wide columns are difficult to read.

(Seems to be a common problem with the Amazon platform - I recently bought of a copy of "Progress and Poverty" that was completely unreadable for that reason - ended up literally tossing it in the trash and bought a 80 year old edition instead.)

Tibor said...

Great, congrats on the publishing! I'm a bit more busy now (fortunately, mostly doing things I enjoy), so I only noticed now. I read the draft (2 years ago I think?), so I'm looking forward to the final version as well :)