Thursday, February 27, 2020

My European Speaking Trip

I will be giving a series of talks in Europe, from March 3rd through March 15th. Some are open to anyone who wants to come, others you should check with the sponsoring group. They are:
Oxford, Brasenose College, March 3rd,

Law Without the State: Past, Present and Future
Open to the public

London, Adam Smith Institute, March 4th

Legal Systems Very Different from Ours
Open to the public, but first RSVP to 

London, Institute for Economic Affairs, March 5th, lunch.  

The Problem with Externality Arguments: Climate and Population.
Not open to the general public, but you may be able to get an invitation. Email or message me.

Madrid, March 7, 5:45 P.M., Feud Law

This is part of LibertyCon, put on by European Students for Liberty, and I believe is only open to those attending.

Santiago de Compostella, March 10th, 7P.M.  Market Anarchy

Salón de Grados Fac. Ciencias Politicas
Open to the public

Lisbon, March 11th, Liberal Policy - cause or solution to Market Failures? with two other panelists

Instituto de Estudos Políticos / Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Open to the public

Ljubljana, March 12th, 5 P.M.,
Market Failure: An Argument for and Against Government
University of Ljubljana School of Business and Economics (Kardeljeva ploščad 17, Ljubljana)
Open to the public 

Prague, March 15th, 5 P.M.

Legal Systems Very Different from Ours
Open to the public

I cancelled the last two talks on account of the Coronavirus and flew home on the 13th. If I had not cancelled, the Ljubljana talk would have been live streamed with no audience actually present and I probably would not have been able to get to Prague, due to the travel ban imposed, I think, just before I was scheduled to fly there. 


Anonymous said...

Hope you're healthy and safe. What a bad time to be traveling.

Tibor said...

I was considering the Prague talk when they reaffiremed that they would still hold it after the government banned all events above 100 people (but before the current quarantine) and I decided against it since it would mean an extra trip by train. I think the attendance would have been quite low even if you (and the government :) ) hadn't cancelled it. Looking forward to seeing you here next time. Good thing you're safe back home and a good thing too that California seems to take covid more seriously than some other parts of the US.