Thursday, October 01, 2020

Wanted: Reviewers for the Audiobook of _Salamander_

The audiobook of Salamander, my second novel, should be out in a couple of weeks, and I am very happy with it — the narrator did a better job than I could have. Audible will give me vouchers to provide free copies to people willing to review the book, anyone interested who has a place to put a review where other people might see it. Let me know by email or comments here if you are interested.

I may be able to get similar vouchers for my other audiobooks — I didn't know about that option when they came out. If so, the same offer applies.

Here is the current, probably final, version of the cover by Anna Krupitsky, who has done covers for several of my other books.


wtanksley said...

I'd be glad to listen and post a review. Worst case I'll have to start the new Brandon Sanderson a bit late, and that's not a big deal.

David Friedman said...

Give me contact information either here, by email (, or on FB. It will be a few week until the audiobook is actually out and I have the vouchers.

George Haley said...

This is only tangentially related, but someone should write a fantasy novel with science fiction logic, ie "if these things were real (magic, dragons and other fantasy creatures, etc.) how would society be different?" In the world we know, advances in metallurgy or the introduction of the steam engine and printing press, improvements in gunsmithing, radically transformed property norms, dissolved feudal political relationships, the conquest of the new world, but the world of the average fantasy novel is basically that of medieval europe.

I think, as both a novelist and economist, you're uniquely suited to create such a work.