Monday, May 10, 2021

When I Was Young

In the process of working on my current book, I came across three different talks that I gave at various times in the past. Two are webbed videos, one a debate with George Smith on whether economics or philosophy was the proper basis for libertarianism, one a talk I gave on problems with libertarianism. I have converted both to text for the book — here and here. I have cleaned up the computer generated text of my talk and my half of the debate, have not yet succeeded in getting in touch with George to get him to clean up his half. 

Both talks were at an event held in 1981 — we all look much younger. The third and oldest is a recording of the initial speeches in a debate I had with Tom Hayden, a prominent leftist, in 1977. I found it interesting mostly for the different arguments I was using at the time. The recording (my part starts at 15:03) and a text transcription of my half of it are both webbed. 

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