Thursday, July 08, 2021

A Europe Trip in August

The U.K. has announced that it is opening up on July 19th, so I have started planning my next speaking trip, tentatively for the second half of August. Suggestions and invitations are welcome. As a general rule, I am willing to speak anywhere that will pay my expenses and provide an interesting audience. Honorarium optional. I will probably end the trip in London, since the U.K. is the most likely place to present Covid problems, and a delay at the end of a trip is less of a problem than at the beginning.

P.S. It has been pointed out to me that the U.K., at this point, is only accepting evidence of vaccination by the NHS, so I would still have to quarantine. Also, the situation in the EU is less clear than I thought — I'm not sure they accept US vaccination certificates. So it isn't clear when I will be able to take the trip.


Nothing said...

Hi David, the UK will only accept vaccinated travellers that are vaccinated in the UK

From a Forbes arricle: crucially, as reported by The Guardian, the U.K. cannot currently accept vaccination certificates that have not been given out in the U.K., either on paper or through the NHS application. This means that the 19 July date really only applies to U.K. residents as even British people who live overseas would not yet be able to show a vaccination certificate that can be accepted. (The U.K. government is calling this ‘phase one’ with the idea that it will accept different proof of vaccination during ‘phase two’–as yet unnannounced in terms of dates).

Ricardo Cruz said...

Nothing: what if David comes to the beautiful island of Madeira (in the green list) before going to the UK?

Madeira requeriments are less stringent: they require a vaccination passport (probably US will do) or a negative covid test (whereas the UK requires two covid tests).

David Friedman said...


Does the UK only base its requirements on the last place you have been? If I spend two days in Madeira, does that mean I don't have to quarantine?

It seems unlikely, but would be very convenient for me if true.

Anonymous said...

It's usually 14 days stay to avoid quarantine I dunno about the precise UK rules though