Friday, March 04, 2022

More on my European Speaking Trip

My present plans are to speak at Libertycon in Prague on April 23rd, in Bratislava on the 26th, in Durham on May 2nd and at the IEA (lunch) and ASI (dinner) in London on May 4th. Since I try to keep such trips down to about two weeks I plan to fly to Prague about the 21st, giving me a day to recover from jet lag, and  fly home about May 5th. 

I have a possible but not yet definite talk in Sweden about April 30th. So if anyone in Europe (not, at the moment, including Russia, Belorussia, or Ukraine, unfortunately) wants a talk that can be squeezed into that schedule, let me know.


Tibor said...

Great, looking forward to seeing you in Prague!

Platonism said...

Where in Sweden?