Friday, November 18, 2022

Which Books of Mine Should I Publish in Hardcover?

KDP is again willing to do business with me and now offers a hardcover option, so it occurred to me that I might want to publish some of my books in hardcover as well as paperback, kindle, and audiobook formats. I plan to start with The Machinery of Freedom and thought it would be worth collecting opinions here on which, if any, of my other books I should bring out in a hardcover version.

My self-published books:

The Machinery of Freedom 
Price Theory
Hidden Order
Legal Systems Very Different from Ours
A Miscellany
How to Milk an Almond, Stuff an Egg, and Armor a Turnip


Anonymous said...

Hidden order will be a good candidate I think.

Todd Kuipers said...

Legal Systems Very Different from Ours would be an excellent pick. I've seen (and heard) more references to that book than any of your others in the past year.

Evan Þ. said...

Perhaps "How to Milk an Almond", just because hardcover books are easier to handle in the kitchen and clean if they get messy?

Anonymous said...

Hidden Order.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed "Legal Systems" for the variety I never knew of, but I think it would be a terrible candidate in print, whether paperback or hard cover; it seems to me as the most likely to be updated from time to time. I only know a couple of the others by name and will try the kindle versions first.

Anonymous said...

I have & read Machinery (good book). Hidden Order, Legal Systems, & Price Theory are of interest.

Enjoy your blog.

inc said...

Legal Systems

Pi Chen said...

Price Theory.
I learned about economics from this book more than any other economics textbooks I've ever read. (Admittedly, I'm only one of the many price taking consumers of economics books. I bought an International Student Edition of Price Theory 2nd ed. in early 1990s in Taipei Taiwan when I was a economics Master's student. I'm still re-reading it from time to time. )