Sunday, January 22, 2023

Amazon has Restored my Account

This time it took less than a week. But the message telling me the account was back still contained no explanation, no apology, and the clear implication that I had done something wrong and had to be careful not to do it again.

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Benjamin. said...

Much as with the social media companies, these terms of service issues act as a good example of why capitalist anarchy can lead back to government style control. In this case at least it is decentralized. I don't have to "live" inside a website...Yet.

Frankly the older I get the more I feel the various left/right "anarchist" groups are just people supporting various powerful institutions.

The market is "free" in capitalism, and "the people" decide in democracy. Since every form of anarchy never gets fully off the ground it can boast it didn't fail because it never started.