Monday, January 22, 2018

Talk in Phoenix

I'm going to be speaking on "Market Failure: An Argument For and Against Government" at 11:15 A.M. on Saturday, February 3rd, at the Freedom Summit in Phoenix, Arizona.

In the past I have put up notices like this for speaking trips abroad. Would readers find it useful if I made a general practice of announcing any talk I plan to give? Only the ones that are open admission (this one apparently requires a ticket)?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Embedded Economics

I have discussed in several earlier posts my project for a collection of short literary works that contain interesting economic insights. The current version is up for comments, with several pieces added, several comments added or expanded. 

My guess is that it will end up as a web page rather than a printed book. The reason is the copyright problem. Many of the works are still in copyright and getting permission on all of them would be a good deal of work, whether for me or a commercial publisher. 

All of the in-copyright works I am using, however, are webbed, I presume (but do not know) by or with the permission of the copyright holder (with the partial exception of a  story only part of which is webbed). I can link to the webbed version of a work without negotiating permissions, which makes a webbed version of the project a lot easier to create than a printed version.

And by maintaining it as a web page I can add additional works as people suggest them. 

Suggestions welcome. A description of what I am looking for and why.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Economics Journals Free to a Good Home

I retired at the end of last year and have been cleaning out my office, which includes dealing with long runs of a variety of journals–AER, JPE, JLS, JEP, JLE, ...  . I hate to throw them out but I don't have much use for them at present or adequate free bookshelf space. Is there anyone out there who would like some or all of them? If you are in the SF Bay Area you could just pick them up, if elsewhere we would have to check on ways of getting them to you.