Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Using Amazon Reviews

One of the kitchen tools I often find useful is a probe thermometer. You put the probe in the loaf of bread (or cut of meat) in the oven, run the cable it is attached to out the oven door to the main part of the thermometer and can see the internal temperature of what you are baking without opening the oven. 

After checking the two I had and trashing the one that didn't work, I decided to order another from Amazon as a backup. A brief search found a model that was substantially less expensive than others. It had 42 reviews—39 gave the product five stars, two gave it two stars, one gave it one star.

Just to play safe, I tried limiting reviews to verified purchases only. There were three--the three lowest. So I ordered a different model. It was a little more expensive, but the positive reviews were real.

Be warned.