Monday, January 27, 2020

What I Have Been Up To

Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life is now available as an audiobook from, read by me. The book is written for readers who would like to learn economics for the fun of it — economics understood not as the study of the economy but as a tool for understanding human behavior: crime, marriage, politics, and much else. Also available in print and as a kindle, both from Amazon.

I have produced two other audiobooks, The Machinery of Freedom (third edition) and Harald, my first novel, both also on

My third novel, Brothers, the sequel to Salamander, should be out shortly in print and kindle. 

My next audiobook project will probably be Future Imperfect.

I am not planning an audiobook of my most recent book, Legal Systems Very Different from Ours, anytime soon. But someone else is doing it, with my permission, as a series of podcasts.