Wednesday, March 29, 2023

My Substack

I now have a substack and have been posting regularly to it. I am keeping this blog up for the archives and to notify subscribers of substack posts, with links. I could  copy every substack post here when I make it, but links seem simpler. Comments welcome.

Here are my posts so far. Long time readers will realize that many are based on ideas in past posts here. 

Specialization: The Case Against

William Nordhaus

Testing IPCC Projections Against What Happened

The Puzzle of Consciousness


Moral Puzzles

When You Cannot Trust the Experts

A Climate Science Textbook

My Comments on Reader Comments on my lab leak post

The Lab Leak Theory: A Bayesian Approach

Critique of a Version of Austrian Economics

Tribal Politics

Moral Realism

Political Turing Test II

The Political Turing Test

Land Gained and Lost: A Fermi Estimate

How Humans Held Back the Glaciers: Stone Age Humans

Anyone in Europe Want a Talk?

Ideas For Law Schools

Advice Wanted

From Edith Efron to Peter Schwartz

Invitation to an SSC Meetup

Crazy Like a Fox

More on Education

Unschooling: 2

Unschooling: 1

The Rhythm Method and Population Growth Rates

Two Libertarian Families

The Puzzle of Hell Solved

The Connection Between Economic Efficiency and Utility

Externalities: Part II: Carbon and Covid

A Postscript to my second post

Externalities Part I

Scott Alexander on the Subject of my Previous Post

Climate: Two Metapoints

Utility: Part II Heresies

Utility: Part I

Climate: The Implication of Uncertainty

Climate Change: The Problem of Sources

Ends, Means and Knowledge

Ends and Means: Part Two

Do Ends Justify Means

The Golden Enclaves

A Ukraine Question

My First Post Done Again