Friday, November 23, 2012

My Europe Trip: Update

As I mentioned some time back, I'm planning to spend a couple of weeks in January giving talks in Europe. A good deal of my schedule is now reasonably definite, so I thought it would be worth posting it, both for people who might want to come to one of my talks and for anyone interested in scheduling one. I currently have a space of about five days open, from January 19 to January 23rd, but there are several people who expressed interest in arranging talks whom I have not yet heard back from, so that time may fill up. My current schedule is:

1/14: London, talk for the Libertarian Alliance
1/15: London, talk for the IEA
1/16: London, talk for the Adam Smith Institute
1/18: Zurich, talk for the Avenir Suisse
1/24: Madrid, talk for the Fundacion Rafael Pino
1/26: Madrid, talk for the Juan de Mariana Institute
1/27-28: Probably talks in Barcelona, details not definite
~1/29 Home via London.

The topics of the various talks have not yet been determined, but I'll plan on posting them here when I know.

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Andreas Collvin said...

I could take a flight to London to listen to you, unless you have, since you posted this, filled that gap with a visit to Scandinavia (preferably Sweden)? What other instititutes have approached you?