Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Favorite Ex-Candidate

Is more fun to listen to than any still in.


Anonymous said...

Surprising choice! Senator Graham is, um, an unconventional sort of anarcho-capitalist.

Nothing personal, Professor Friedman, but I probably would've voted for your dad over you if it had come down to it. (A libertarian can dream, can't he?)

David Friedman said...

He isn't an anarcho-capitalist at all. But he is a more entertaining speaker than any of the others.

As I thought my post implied.

William Newman said...

The text of the post reads as though the topic is "The Most Interesting Ex-Candidate" but the post title "My Favorite Ex-Candidate" sounds rather like a political endorsement. I guessed you didn't intend the title to mean that, but I'm not surprised someone else might read it as supporting him.