Wednesday, September 02, 2020

How to Keep Home Schooled Kids Out of College

The University of California is apparently moving to abandon the use of standardized tests in admissions. That means that they are eliminating the only way in which home schooled kids, lacking the usual high school grades and teacher recommendations, can demonstrate their academic qualifications to a university.


Anonymous said...

Do you think they'll give good weight to other accomplishments or might this be a major setback for (home|un)schoolers?

William H. Stoddard said...

It's rather parallel to the way Harvard used to keep out Jews, and is still keeping out Asian-Americans.

Tom Crispin said...

Our daughter was home schooled; no grades, no SAT/ACT, just a GED when she 16 (the earliest she was allowed to take it). Two years at the local community college was enough for her to transfer to the University of Texas. In addition to fewer $$ spent, the indoctrination was less.