Thursday, July 29, 2021

My European Speaking Trip (yet again)

It appears that the U.K. will start accepting U.S. vaccinations in a few days, so I am again planning a European speaking trip, probably starting in about a month. I expect it will either start or end in London, since it's an easy city to get to from the U.S. and I usually have at least two speaking invitations there. I usually spend two weeks on a trip. 

My standard terms are expenses; I have no objection to an honorarium but don't require one. Mostly I want an interesting audience in an interesting place. I am only interested in countries that accept U.S. vaccination or don't require vaccination.

P.S. I have  decided to postpone the trip, given that infection rates are going up in the US and UK and the amount of protection against Delta provided by vaccination seems uncertain.

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Anonymous said...

I saw you about 20 years ago in Berlin - I hope so much that I will be able to see you here in Europe again.