Friday, November 26, 2021

All the News that Fits We Print

According to the New York Post and some other conservative media, Darrell Brooks, the man who drove his car into a parade in Waukesha killing at least six people, had pro-Hitler, anti-semitic and violently anti-white material on his social media account. Googling on [Darrell Brooks Hitler] I found no mention of it in any mainline source. The New York Times has a long story on Brooks with no mention of those facts — and the claim that "The suspect’s motivations are unclear." The Wall Street Journal has had multiple stories on Brooks but I cannot find any mentioning the social media.

It is possible that the conservative sources are lying but I think it unlikely, since if they were I would expect the NYT or other left of center media to call them on it. It looks very much as though the mainline media are deliberately hiding facts they don't want their readers to know.


Anonymous said...

Using an absence of evidence as evidence is.... interesting. To be clear, I don't have an answer on this question.

But using a lack of a gotcha would also lead you to conclude Trump did not collaborate with Russia while trying to get elected, too. You seem to invite deception from the very "liberal media" you seem to be critical of so much, when they want to flatter your sensibilities.

Really typical of cynical use of the 'media bad' shit. You just deceive yourself.

David Friedman said...

I don't follow the argument Anonymous is making.

Do you believe the material the Post shows wasn't really on the killer's social media?

If it was, do you think it isn't newsworthy?

If the NYT is deliberately not covering newsworthy material when it makes the left look bad, do you think that's a problem? If the NYT plus all media that don't have an ideological incentive to cover the material is doing it? Wouldn't that lead to large parts of the population having a distorted view of the world, where they see facts that favor one side of any left/right controversy, are shielded from facts that favor the other side?