Saturday, February 19, 2022

My Next European Speaking Trip

In March of 2020 I interrupted a European speaking trip and flew home because my younger son had persuaded me, by email, that Covid was a serious danger. Assuming there is not another Covid wave in the next two months, I plan to finally return to Europe in April for another trip. I have agreed to speak for Students for Liberty in Prague on April 23rd. The location is  appropriate given that Prague was supposed to be the final talk of the previous trip, and I always enjoy SFL events.

My usual practice is to spend two weeks on a speaking trip, either starting or ending in London, which is easy to get to and has several groups that are usually willing to host a talk. At this point the Prague talk is my only commitment, so I am looking for invitations between about April 10th and May 6th. Once I have some I can decide where in that period I want to put my trip. I am hoping one of my talks can be in Ljubljana, which was the other cancelled talk two years ago and looks like an interesting place to visit. I am triply vaccinated, which may be relevant to what countries will let me in. Since I am elderly, hence at risk if I do get Covid, I will try to avoid any location that has an unusually high infection rate.

People are welcome to pay me an honorarium if they want to, but my only requirements for a talk are expenses and an interesting audience.