Tuesday, February 14, 2023

The 2022 World Freedom Index is Out

 The 2022 Human Freedom Index is out, combining ratings on economic and personal freedom. The ten freest countries, in order, are: Switzerland, New Zealand, Estonia, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. 

The U.S. is 23 out of 166.

The page has a scatter plot  showing nations rated by economic and by personal freedom. On the live version you can hover your cursor over any dot and see what country it is. There may be a way of doing that here but I don't know how so added names for some of the interesting ones.

The country rated lowest on economic freedom is Venezuela, the highest Hong Kong SAR, slightly higher on both dimensions than Singapore. Lowest on personal freedom is Syria, highest Sweden.

Perhaps not surprisingly, freedom has declined almost everywhere since the previous year.

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Anonymous said...

For the US to score so high on personal freedom shows how abysmally low the rest of the field is. Lived around the world and in terms of personal freedom in practice, not books, the US is lower than anywhere I have lived including some authoritarian countries. Regardless of the "law", places like Eastern Europe,most of Africa, etc you in fact have pretty much all the personal freedom in the world. Nobody kicking your door down because you dared to cut hair without a license or jaywalked.