Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Obama on Thatcher

"With the passing of Baroness Margaret Thatcher, the world has lost one of the great champions of freedom and liberty, and America has lost a true friend."
(From the White House statement on Thatcher's death)

 Judging by my online interaction with people from the U.K., those left of center—probably most of those I interact with—hated Thatcher. Most, I would guess, approve of Obama. Which makes Obama's praise of Thatcher, in part for the same policies for which they hate her—they, of course, would not describe her economic policies in such positive terms—interesting.

Part of the explanation is summarized by the Latin tag de mortuis nil nisi bonum—concerning the dead, nothing but good.  It is a sentiment I share. When someone about whom I have serious reservations dies, I am reluctant to interrupt the paens of praise with a sour note of criticism, and generally don't. On the other hand, looking at commentary on Thatcher's death from left of center sources other than the President, including the NYT and various writers in the U.K., I do not see much sign of such restraint.

It would appear indecorous for the President to celebrate the death of a national leader, even one he disapproved of—so far as I know, the death of Hugo Chavez was not celebrated by any official statement from the White House. But the President's statement on Thatcher's death could have been put in less fulsome terms, celebrating her role as a loyal ally of the U.S. and leaving unstated his disapproval of her economic policies. That it was not suggests that Obama sees rhetorical support for libertarian ideals as politically prudent even if his actual policies tend to go in precisely the opposite direction.


At 10:57 AM, April 09, 2013, Anonymous Power Child said...

This is off topic, but A.C. Grayling, who wrote the NYT article you linked to, appeared on Intelligence Squared debating in favor of the motion "The world would be better off without religion."

In that debate, he and his teammate Matthew Chapman (great great grandson of some guy named Charles Darwin) displayed complete ignorance of social evolutionary theory.

At 11:01 AM, April 09, 2013, Anonymous lanyard said...

Death of Hugo Chavez = addition by subtraction (likewise for Ted Kennedy).

At 12:18 PM, April 09, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

UK song download charts seem to back up the notion that many brits disliked Thatcher:


Lady Thatcher’s death could propel The Wizard Of Oz track "Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead to the top of the charts.

Those who saw her death as a cause for celebration have prompted a download surge for the track.

Within 24 hours of the former Prime Minister’s death, the song had risen to number 9 in the iTunes best-sellers chart. It reached number 2 on the Amazon singles download chart.

Sales figures for Monday, released by the Official Charts Company, showed that the song had already made it to number 54 in the rundown used by Radio 1."


At 12:55 PM, April 09, 2013, Blogger Steve said...

Not ALL British leftists: Johann Hari said: "Fellow lefties! Please don't gloat. Our objection to Thatcher was her horrible lack of compassion; we shouldn't show same lack of compassion."

There was also a certain amount of "Rejoiced when Thatcher resigned as PM? Yes. Will rejoice when Thatcherism finally fizzles? Yes.
But to rejoice when the woman dies, old, alone and demented? I'm sorry, I'm not sure I can."

(Taking my own post as an example, but it's quite a generally-held opionion)

At 1:55 PM, April 09, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Judging by my online interaction with people from the U.K., those left of center—probably most of those I interact with—hated Thatcher. Most, I would guess, approve of Obama."

Possibly, but why should Obama care about that? What is relevant is that Thatcher is viewed positively by Americans.

At 3:28 PM, April 09, 2013, Blogger Tibor said...

Anonymous: Well, at least David's link to NYT offers an counterexample to that. And since that newspaper is rather left wing and since most supporters of Obama are left wing (well, I don't like what I would call the false "right/left" dichotomy very much, sice at least libertarians don't fit to either side as a whole, but let's just use those terms for simplicity now), it is not so obvious for him to use such rethorics. Unless of course he is trying to sway the centrists on his side by making it look he is not such a socialist after all.

As far as commenters in Europe go, it is just plain horrible. It really feels like kicking a corpse in the head to me. I can't say I am holy myself - when Chavéz died, I sure was not very pious. However it would seem to me that even if you are a socialist, there should be some sense of measure. That is, there is a difference between a latin american de facto dictator and a prime minister of UK.

Of course if you don't have it and Tatcher represents "all that is wrong in the world today" for you, then this reaction is in my view understandable (even though the fact you see it that way is worrysome). I would celebrate Hitler's death any day. But I would certainly not ever celebrate Obama's death (who is much more comparable to Tatcher than Chavéz is) and I would feel kind of ashamed for anyone who would.

However this reminds me of something although in a much smaller extent. The former president of our contry Václav Havel died last december. On one hand there was a massive hysteria - a lot of people were competing to be the one who comes up with the most ridiculous glorification of Havel, which seems especially funny to me, since his popularity stemmed a lot from his modesty, which I am pretty sure was sincere. The most ridiculous thing seemed to me that they renamed the Prauge Ruzyně airport to Václav Havel's airport Prague...I would understand if it was a libraly or a theater (Havel being a playwright), but this was just plain cult of a personality. On the other hand (a much smaller hand, but still) there were a few people especially on the right wing who made similar (although there were no mass celebrations...there could have been though were the numbers of the "hands" turned around) in my view very inapropriate comments the day Havel died (and few next).

I except similar hysteria on both sides over Tatcher, only the numbers are turned around. A lot of people will keep making inapropriate "celebrations" which will instill hysteria in a lot of her supporters too, who will try to raise her to almost holiness. But in a year or two, it will be all settled back to normal.

However, there are still some people here today who react to anything slightly critical anyone says about Havel (after 1,5 years after his death) with that latin tag David mentions in his article. Piety is a good manner, but it cannot last forever. After all then we would be unable to talk about anyone who is not alive anymore, including people who died centuries ago. But I think it should definitely last a few months at least...and meanwhile the tempers go down too and discussions can be more rational.

I think both Havel's and Tatcher's death show (from a mirrored perspective) how dangerous the cult of personality is (wether the person is villified or idolized by many). Instead of both of them, people either make ideal or villified images in their heads and that cannot be very good. Also it is hard to say, but I would like to know how many of the current "celebrators" could really feel Tatcher's politics first hand being at least 20 in the 1980s. Those people are in their 40s now and it seems to me a lot of those Tatcher opposers are younger than that...which would only support my notion that those people do not really talk about Tatcher but about some rather imaginary devil responsible for all evils that is personified in her.

At 6:20 AM, April 10, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama said something a while back to the effect that Ayn Rand fans are young people who don't understand how things really work. He might well think of Libertarian convictions as the white equivalent of his nostalgia for the Afrocommunist Dreams of his Father.

At 11:40 AM, April 10, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am from UK and I like Thatcher! She certainly would have been better than the wet blanket which is Cameron.

At 5:28 PM, April 10, 2013, Anonymous Robert Easton said...

People on the left in Britain have "lower" standards for American politicians than they do for their own, where by "lower" I mean much more right wing than they would tolerate from a British politician. Merely by being more appealing than George W. Bush, Obama is very popular with British people.

At 5:49 PM, April 10, 2013, Blogger Will McLean said...

I don't think it makes sense to compare what heads of state say about other former heads of state and what editorial boards and commenters say. The NYT serves its own interest by saying things its readers find congenial. Heads of state speak to a different audience. France and Germany are generally considered to the left of the US, but their leaders still managed to say something nice about Thatcher, and nothing bad.

At 2:30 AM, April 11, 2013, Blogger Tibor said...

Robert: Well, if you stick to the traditional right/left dichotomy, Bush was almost as left as Obama is. He is a social conservative perhaps which is normally cosidered to be right wing (although if implenented it means more state control which is associated more with the left wing), but he is pretty much as much supportive of a big entrusive government, high taxes and government spending as Obama is. The only difference is he was spending it on slightly different interest groups :) And as far as hawkish politics go, Obama is very similar too. He only started one war perhaps, but introduced drone killing and increased the size of US forces in Afghanistan. He is much better at PR though.

At 5:13 PM, April 11, 2013, Anonymous Don't call me Janet said...

Tibor Mach, the difference between Thatcher and Chavéz is that Thatcher had long been robbed of all her powers.

It is a just and proper thing to celebrate the death of an enemy who is still currently a cause of harm as such celebrations are really a celebration of victory. On the other hand to celebrate the demise of another human being who can do you no harm is petty.

That those on the Left cannot, even 20 years on since last Thatcher posed them significant harm, recognise that her ability to shape the world as she saw fit was admirable makes them look rather wretched.

To give another example, when the North Korean regime collapses and its leaders are slaughtered the victory should be celebrated but the best of men would also respect that they were able to hold it all together for as long as they did. If the regime did collapse but Jong-Un managed to escaped to safety and lived to a ripe old age on a farm somewhere throwing a party when he passed on would be pretty gross.

At 5:50 PM, April 11, 2013, Blogger Tibor said...

not Janet:

Well, I'm not sure about that. What about the nazis that escaped to south america and were hunted down? Now I don't remmember which ones got caught and which ones died peacefully, but anyway in the hypotethical situation of one of them being spotted and shot by someone, I think it would be a legitimate reason for a celebration for a lot of people. My grand-grand parents for example whose direct family members died in a concentration camp. I don't think a mass murderer who manages to escape the death sentence and lives up to be 80 or 90 is any bit less a mass murderer. Even though I admit that this seems to be the semtiment very often among a lot of other people. On the other hand, it would be still probably better to guarantee Kim and his general a lifetime of safety and luxury in exchange for dismantling his little orwellian nightmare state.

But back to Tatcher - if she indeed were a mass murderer or something, it would be (from my perspective) understandable to celebrate. However, even if you are a radical socialist and have a bit of a sense of measure, you have to see that she was nothing like that.

The question is however how massive these "celebrations" really are. The journalists who need a good story can really inflate the reality quite considerably. And peace and quiet don't make a good story.

At 4:20 AM, April 12, 2013, Anonymous Don't call me Janet said...

Tibor Mach:

Well I live in the North of England at the moment and I as far as I can tell the media coverage has (predictably) exaggerated the degree of chaos on the streets. A lot of Thatcher's supporters won't notice that though because of the North/South divide. Mostly the hatred of Thatcher is treated as a joke that people take part in even if they don't really know what she did. That side of proceedings I don't really mind at all.

As for taking revenge upon defeated enemies I'm not saying that I can't understand it - I certainly wouldn't begrudge a survivor of Nazi Germany for still hating Himmler - but I do think that the virtuous man would be above it.

At 4:33 AM, April 12, 2013, Blogger Tibor said...

not Janet: Well, I think it is hard to tell. I guess neither of us has experienced the horrors of a concentration camp and I am really reluctant to judge anyone who has (if even I am only to say if that person is or is not virtuous).

On the other hand, the situation around Tatcher is something I feel I have first hand experience with, so I think I can make judgements there.

And even if someone joins something like that "as a joke" it is an equivalent of someone who comes to a funeral in a "funny" costume or tries to toss "funny jokes" around at the ceremony. For me, someone like that has no empathy (and taste) at all. The only exception I can think of was Graham Chapman's (Monty Python) funeral, which included a lot of jokes, but still kept the piety, it was probably the nicest way to say goodbye to someone like that...but that is a very very different story.

At 9:35 PM, April 12, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm interested if anyone here has thoughts on the industries which thatcher privatized, such as trains and gas. It is commonly said in the UK that prices have since gone up, which is evidence against Friedman's rule.

At 1:09 AM, April 13, 2013, Blogger Tibor said...

Anonymous: There is a difference between a direct price that is on a price tag and a real price that often includes a lot of taxes (in the form of subsidies) in the case of a government service. The first can be kept as low as the government wishes, but the other cannot.

At 1:01 PM, April 14, 2013, Blogger windwheel said...

I was a Friedmanite at High School. At 16 I went to the LSE. I was a bright kid and LSE had a good Econometrics/Stats/Research Methodology thing going. Friedmanism, I soon learned, doing Econ- not teaching it- is empty and shallow. In 1983, Milton was shown up for the smiling fraud or whited sephulchre he was by Denis Healey in a TV debate. Friedman smiled and smiled.
I mention all this to stress the 'pity of the thing',and the 'tears at the heart of them'. Milton Friedman was a false Messiah. His message made no sense. But, I notice that at about the same time that his son David started writing stupid tosh, Milton too turned meretricious.
David Friedman summarises Bork in a manner which suggests he is illiterate or away with the fairies. He writes about Obama's condolence message to the British Nation as though Thatcher had actually tried to privatize the National Health Service. How fucking stupid and ignorant are you David?
Why don't you rebut any single one of my remarks? What? I'm too black?
Fuck you. I deeply regret previous comments on your blog which suggested I held you and your father in any sort of awe or with a sentiment anywhere approaching Respect.
You can't read- as is evidenced by your bizarre comments on Bork on Griswold- you can't do Econ- as is evidenced by your bizarre claim that problems of Preference Revelation and Strategic behaviour, by a purely verbal change in specification of Rights, magically disappear- if this were the case you'd genuinely deserve a Nobel as opposed to an Ignobel award- as for Philosophy, what? Mummy gave you a note to excuse you this species of Gym on the basis of your fucking asthma?
Why do you write lies, David? Is it coz u r a Prof? You feel, since your Dad was a Prof. and he mislead the Public, u gotta do it too?
Fuck is wrong with you actually? True Landsburg is a few years younger than you, but he's got a large and entirely septic butt! Trust me, I know. It's from that capacious coal hole that he pulls out his worthless 'results'.

Still, Dave, buddy, it was you who went out on a limb for your unworthy co-religionist. In the process, you told lies about Bork- not a co-religionist.
What? You thought nobody would notice?
I agree, your American 'Libertarian' dormitory is fucking being raped by everybody, digitally and otherwise, still, cunt, how about you stop writing shite? Just for a change?
I mean, maybe if you didn't have this reckless disregard for the truth hermeneutic going for you- fuck, who know's? maybe you could get to be happy and 'authentic' and fucking Heideggerian Nazi shit like that.

Seriously, Dave me old mucker, fuck is wrong with you? Why can't you make or defend a coherent argument. Your books are shit. Do some fucking Game theory you cunt.
Oh an BTW thank you fucking racist for responding to every white person but not me.
That made a good impression- sho nuff.

At 12:47 PM, April 15, 2013, Blogger Tibor said...

windwheel: It is not for me to react, but I can't help it.

The problem is not that you are "too black" (what the hell is that even supposed to mean? From the picture you look pretty white to me anyway...as long as you don't consider Spanish-looking people to be "black")

The problem is that you are extremely rude. Instead of presenting your views and backing them up wit armunents in a civilized manner, you keep doing what is a written equivalent of shouting. Perhaps you can think about it the next time someone refuses to talk with you. If this is the usual way you behave, then it must be pretty often.

If you want to shout at me here as well, feel free to do so, I won't respond to your comments either (as long as you don't start acting like in a more civilized fashion).

At 1:58 PM, April 15, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

windwheel just to be clear are you saying your not a fan of davids?

At 6:59 PM, April 15, 2013, Blogger windwheel said...

@Tibor- I'd left a number of comments on the blog which Friedman didn't respond to. Was it because I was very rude? Perhaps in some occult way or by reason of something additional to what was written. Another possibility is that my comments were too stupid to deserve a response.
The reason I was leaving comments is because I'm writing a chapter on Judicial Hermeneutics which relates to Friedman's claim re. Landsburg & Bork. If it can be justified, well and good- I can refer to it and proceed from there. But, the more I look at it the clearer it becomes that Friedman wrote in bad faith or absence of mind.
I feel I have been either taken for a ride or (if it is the case that there is some merit to Friedman's argument which I'm too stupid to see) that worse than discourtesy I have been deprived of instruction on a matter which I have repeatedly asked for links to further reading.
Am I being rude? No- I am expressing hatred, contempt and ridicule for David Friedman's blog and all those who continue to find some merit in it. Vide- http://socioproctology.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/david-friedman-getting-it-wrong-on.html
Hope this clarifies matters.

At 3:19 AM, April 16, 2013, Blogger Tibor said...


Why didn't you just post your article then in the first place?

Don't say, you are not rude. I don't know how many times you include "fuck you" in your previous comment among other things. That is rude no matter what.

Also, I have a blog myself and if there are 60+ comments under an article, you cannot possibly respond to each one of them, cause then you wouldn't be doing anything else. So you respond to those you find interesting or you feel you need to respond to.

Your claim that you don't get enough attention from David here is because you are "black" is just pathetic. First of all, you are not black, you are spanish, or a hindu (which are both really white by the way) or something, I cannot tell and I don't care. That claim only helps you to ridicule yourself. Even if you were black, how did you come up with that conclusion that David is a racist and unwilling to talk to black people? Perhaps your comments were simply not interesting or offensive (more likely from what I saw here) to David. This is just a cheap effort to attract attention and make your opponent look like a bad person. It has the exact opposite effect, at least on me.

The way you present yourself really discourages anyone to read your arguments. Even if they are valid, people who argue with such offensive rethorics tend not to have interesting arugments and since you cannot possibly read everything, you filter something like this out.

There is a biiiig difference between saying "I think you are wrong and I have these arguments to back it up" and saying "you are and idiot who doesn't understand anything and you are also evil and fuck you". The first might be worth responding to (but is not necessarily), the second definitely is not.

Also, you or anyone else is not entitled to any response from anyone, especially not from a person you barely know on an internet blog. It seems that you think you are somehow special in this way and it makes you angry if other people show you that you are not which only reduces your chances that anyone will waste their time responding to what you have to say. That is like I am wasting my time right now, apparently. So I am not going to do it again...not until you apologize anyway.

At 4:38 AM, April 16, 2013, Blogger windwheel said...

@ Tibor-
To be clear I am calling you all a bunch of worthless fuckwits who are probably racist because worthless fuckwits tend to be all sorts of bad.
I'm not making a moral claim or justifying my actions- I give only enough material to add force to the imprecations I hurl upon your collective heads which Dr. Friedman has very kindly published for your benefit.
Fuck would I want to apologize to a worthless ignorant cunt like you?? You bring nothing to the table.
I invite you to abuse me on my own blog- I will pre-approve your comments. Just as all Art aspires to the condition of Music so might all blogging achieve theophany by a less roundabout cashing out as mutual cursing and school boy insult. Don't fight it. You know you want this. Oooh, you're getting all goose-bumpy aren't you? Is it coz u r Momma so fat you attended Grad school in a fold of fat under her thigh? Personally, I blame Medicare. LBJ was a notorious Marxist from Omsk.

At 4:52 AM, April 16, 2013, Blogger windwheel said...

@ Tibor- fuck, just occurred to me- you're probably from Omsk and of Marxist descent. Shit, I'm good.

At 6:01 AM, April 16, 2013, Blogger Tibor said...

Oh, so you are just an internet troll. My bad for not realizing that earlier.

At 7:31 AM, April 16, 2013, Blogger windwheel said...

Friedman's posts appear to be a bridge between ideas but, on examination, turn out to be the grandiloquent gestures of a lonely troll as darkness falls.
What your comments show is that, contra Friedman, subjective feelings of psychic harm motivate intuitions about both property and natural rights. You clearly feel a sense of moral indignation arising from the subjective perception that I am a trespasser on Friedman's property. This motivated your gratuitous intervention though initially you used liability type language- as in 'you are rude'-i.e. a transgression against a person, not property, had occurred.

One further point, in writing about Right Wing bloggers, like myself, I naturally channel Strauss's Kojeve such that the thymotic destruction not just of every consciousness other than my own, but also of every form of species life, becomes the terminus ad quem of the cloture on defeasible discussion of natural rights. That's a fancy way of saying you suck cock and yore Momma is a ho bag.

At 9:00 AM, April 16, 2013, Blogger windwheel said...

@ Tibor, now it's just you and me here,
I'm making an experiment in this faddish Object Oriented Ontology such that you- whom I fondly imagine to be a non-smoking pussy whipped Post Doc who gamely changes nappies and shit- are also Tibor. R. Machan to whom I've addressed this salutary bromide-
‘Basic rights carve out the region of the world where the individual is in charge!’ Ok-aaaay. Another way of saying this is that (David Lewis) ‘elite eligible’ criteria exist such that we can carve up the world not against the grain but, like butcher Ding, in a manner consilient with the Tao of the Universe, and if this is the case it is unproblematic to construct a Konus index (a sort of indifference curve) across possible worlds such that Preferences re. ‘Right’s- or alternatively ‘Ideology’- become available for rational choice analysis or hermeneutics in the same (by convention, unproblematic) manner as Revealed Preference manifolds for standard Econ pedagogy.
Iff the above were the case, would the conclusion you want flow from it ‘naturally’?
No. For one thing the Sonnenschein-Mantel-Debreu theorem militates against it. Secondly, speaking plainly, iff modern Evolutionary theory is more persuasive for Public Discourse than some Occassionalist or Ontologically dysphoric theory, then the fact that, in this field, neither Phenotypal plasticity nor Ontogenetic, or Phenomenological, inclusive fitness can be shown not to have an Evolutionary Stable canalisation towards what you want, shows you are either severely missing something or else that you have backed yourself into a strategic cul de sac by reason of an ad captum vulgi type premise fatal to your own theory.
In Econ, it’s only mathematical intractability which made for the academic availiability cascade of ignoring mutiple locii for the computation of the individual’s Utility function. At one time, there was a sort of Pythagorean conspiracy against non-linearity. The very beautiful, Graciella Chichilnisky had actually shown that no such Pythagorean taboo was at all necessary. Binary operations- limited arbitrage are enough to deliver a truly Liberative, if not ‘Libertarian’, result.

I’m from India. The country which reads more Ayn Rand than any other. Add in Graciella Chichilnisky- heck, the ancestors of both women probably fled the same pogrom at some point in history- and you’ve got the beginnings of a theory. Add in a Binmore type folk theorem, operationalize Rationally Voluntary as such as arises as the Verstehen of a repeated game and suddenly you have a genuine, Universalisable theory, rather than egregious pi-jaw about Locke and Bentham and so on.
I’m writing a chapter on Mimamsa (Hindu Judicial Hermeneutic)-as-Libertarian. With the above, I can equate, in good faith and without fixing the results in advance, ‘vyavaharika’ as ‘Rational voluntary Verstehen in a repeated game’.
That’s the kind of stuff you need to be addressing. You are fucking Hungarian. That’s four kinds of smart. Don’t let us stupid Indians and Americans and other similarly by-geography-rendered-complacent pi-jaw loving ‘sheeple’ grind you the fuck down.
Incidentally, I’m way older than you. A 50 year old South Indian Brahmin is like 120 years old in Hungarian hound years except we don’t get as much pussy.'

Why am I posting comments like this? Am I dangerous? Will I come and hunt you and your family down?
Sadly no.
It's all just 'Printer's Devil' induced Sociopathy.
I've got a deadline for an M/s and so it seems urgent to spend time talking to the likes of you.
Except nobody likes you. Let's be clear about that. You were adopted coz the people you think are your parents lost a bet.
Fuck, it just occurred to me that David Friedman is like... Yoda or something. His posts are a collocational availability cascade of non-sequiturs coz actually they are all like Zen koans or Hassidic halachah vein morin kein or shit like that.
Whoa, Friedman dude- yore blowing my mind!
Wanna shoot hoops after?
(What? That's not Racist.)

At 10:00 AM, April 16, 2013, Blogger windwheel said...

@ Tibor-
I think I got you wrong. You're probably a young, fairly recent, immigrant with a fucking admirable command of English but, despite this clear and present evidence of your investability, you are paying, or incurring substantial costs, for your own education and social advancement.
I fucking kill two types of vermin on my block- one, paedophiles. I've got a Primary School a hundred yards from me. Two, people who fuck with Gay people- i.e. 'Homophobia'- it don't fucking exist. We have to impose a very fucking high tariff of collective and casual punishment for messing with EQUAL CITIZENS- e.g children or Gays or Jews or whatever down our neck of the woods.
Demotic English common-all-to-common Law works and is foundational to the 'Common Law'.
You Americans started to diverge from us when a 'Black guy' went to court to say that another 'Black guy' was his slave but like didn't get the memo.
England went one way, you guys went another.
I know of no other immigrant community, other than the Ashkenazi Jews- BTW I know from Quakers, Teutonic Quietists, Scandinavian 'wobbly' working class people, Hispanic or Euro type Catholic Priests or fucking anyone else- but, for the limited semantic scope of my own, linguistic field-theoretic assumptions or adventures underlying my comments here on this blog- I would suggest that they occur under the rubric of your being a cock sucker and yore Momma being so fat she be the Ho bag of herself.
My point is that David Friedman- who aint a Yoda, he just don't read comments coz he BE JUST A SUPER STAR- IS BY ADVERSE POSSESSION DENIED ACCESS TO HIS OWN HAECCEITY.
So... what? I've gotta spell this out to you?... if not annexed by O.O.O , Friedman's ideational realty has been successfully cyber squatted by me in a manner which should be suggestive of the dangers of 'vyavahaika'= i.e. ad captum vulgi- type argumentation.

At 10:27 AM, April 16, 2013, Blogger windwheel said...

@Tibor- you wrote this illiterate shite on this Comment form before I wrote anything-
This is you, you illiterate, senile cunt-
'I think both Havel's and Tatcher's death show (from a mirrored perspective) how dangerous the cult of personality is (wether the person is villified or idolized by many). Instead of both of them, people either make ideal or villified images in their heads and that cannot be very good.'
You are an old man. A stupid man. Not Hungarian- but Czech or Slovak or whatever.
Your mental faculties are decaying. You can no longer spell. You are NOT Hungarian. You don't have ANY FUCKING POLITICAL INTUITIONS any more than the Austrians did.
You are shite. The only fucking thing you have going for you is you think you are 'White'.
I'm Culturally 'White' you are fucking 'dirty, shit spewing and shit bestrewn' lower class fucking cunt whom I'll let onto my the grounds of a country house I'm renting so you can empty the septic tank,
You are not even fucking German are you?, illiterate cunt, nor, exotic, like Celan who had the grace to acknowledge that the Seine of letters had more depth than his.

BTW, I was born in Germany. My elder sister won the beautiful baby prize in Bonn, 1960. Your scrabbling about on the colour issue- 'you don't look Black but Hindu or Spanish or some shite'- shows you are a fucking senile cunt.
What get's me is that lumpen shite like you know your place in Europe. Since when did worthless cunts like you- people proven to have no Thymotic worth- get the right to address people like me in so casual and slipshod a manner?
Worthless cunt. I've taken the trouble to read you. Are you advantaged thereby?
It is easy to tear your beautiful little cobwebs of Racial privilege to shreds. As a matter of empirical fact, I am Herrenvolk. You are shit.
Fuck off, you worthless racially inferior cunt.
Think a little before disputing my claim to be Black.
Black skin colour is expressed by the Skt. word Krishna.
I curse you for your blasphemy and look forward to a rapid decline in such faculties as you retain.
Or you could just stop being such a worthless fucking cunt.

At 11:37 AM, April 16, 2013, Blogger Unknown said...


Get a job.

with much love,

At 12:28 PM, April 16, 2013, Blogger windwheel said...

@ gotlucky
I'd like to get a job getting busy with you. What? It is entirely age appropriate that I advertise myself as a Gigolo.
But, Prostitution is an example of a 'one shot deal' which defeats the far greater mutual welfare gain of a Verstehen corellated Nash eqbm in a repeated game or just you giving me your number of something. I don't do anal. No S/M shit. But I'm nice and have a full heart to bring to a relationship.
Please tell me you have a vagina, or fuck, vaginas, you could just be a person who don't have a dick. I could live with that. Actually, you could be a fucking alien from the Planet X who needs my little home to just bring up your spawn. It is the vatsalya (Sansrkit word) in you that makes you eligible for hospitatlity under those circumstances- but don't you be expecting a kiss on the cheek you horrible Insectoid Alien.
Seriously, God Bless You- because you offer Love and By the INFINITE GRACE OF GOD, I return it you with my whole being constricted and also my hand typing out a big big donation (relative to my net worth) to the Poor and Suffering. Nothing Sectarian. Everything Ecumenical.
Thank you for your love gotlucky.

BTW, why did you think I needed a job?
Is it coz I is black and should be a waiter or Doctor or shite?
Suddenly I don't want plough the salt and Sahara like expanse of your worthless vagina- at all. Seriously.
I'm traumatized just thinking about it.
I'm sorry, I've gotta just say NO! to worthless cunts like you.
I will not get the sort of job your narcissism can feed upon.
But, worthless shite, consilient with this fantasy, I might order a job on you.

So... you really like me. That's cool. I'm like totally non judgemental. I mean one time when I was in Tanzania there was this female who just could not get enough of me- kinky stuff, 'Vampire' shite. Anyway, I was lying when I said it was just one Tanzanian female- they swarmed over me- fuck, sex with multiple Tanzanian anopheles mosquitoes feels Good.
Listen Babe, I've just had so much more sex than you that you know like - maybe you should pay a premium up front for the chance to get like genital with me?

I'm just saying this for your protection.
I will totally refund your money if, using the suggested model of electron microscope, you really couldn't find my penis.
That cunt Tibor said I aint black and my dick done disappear.
Help me gotlucky!

At 1:03 PM, April 16, 2013, Blogger windwheel said...

No! In the absence of mind of David Friedman, his fucking Positivism was the Dad wot didn't show up for my Bar Mitvah, I read a more exacting standard when dealing with people like Tibor, who just want to drink my cum, and people like you- I'm sorry I forget your name Luv, no doubt you were voted best 'vagina to a Sports Hero of an insensitive arsehole'- still you are shit and I gotta go coz that's my dinner burning.
This is my blog- http://socioproctology.blogspot.co.uk/- you won't understand much on it.
That's coz I'm not stupid. Just big and able to fuck others up.
Like a guy like me could ever be out of a job= unless... fuck, he would kill all you cunts first coz he just cold like that.

Fuck off, Jews. I'm black and got my own line to Israel.

At 1:16 PM, April 16, 2013, Blogger windwheel said...

Yes! At this stage of the gedanken, I'm actually suckling my impossible grandchildren while still gunning for David Friedman- that fucking lesbian Somali Basketball player.

Actually, fuck off. You guys way too stupid to get

At 1:18 PM, April 16, 2013, Blogger windwheel said...

Which is anoter word for Truth, from a Middle Class, Professional , perspective.

You really are a cunt- not one as bad as your Daddy.
But you are infinitely more stupid.
Go fuck yourself you cunt.

At 8:40 PM, April 16, 2013, Blogger Milhouse said...

To give another example, when the North Korean regime collapses and its leaders are slaughtered the victory should be celebrated but the best of men would also respect that they were able to hold it all together for as long as they did.

Um, why? That they were able to do evil for so long is a bad thing, to be lamented, not respected. Do you admire a serial killer for the length of time he was able to go on killing?

If the regime did collapse but Jong-Un managed to escaped to safety and lived to a ripe old age on a farm somewhere throwing a party when he passed on would be pretty gross.

Again, why? The only problem I see with celebrating such a death is that it's sad to think how long delayed it was.

At 8:43 PM, April 16, 2013, Blogger Milhouse said...

As for taking revenge upon defeated enemies I'm not saying that I can't understand it - I certainly wouldn't begrudge a survivor of Nazi Germany for still hating Himmler - but I do think that the virtuous man would be above it.

Ugh. Your idea of "virtue" seems to me perverted and barbarous. "When the wicked perish there is song."

At 8:45 PM, April 16, 2013, Blogger Milhouse said...

I'm interested if anyone here has thoughts on the industries which thatcher privatized, such as trains and gas. It is commonly said in the UK that prices have since gone up, which is evidence against Friedman's rule.

If it's true that prices have gone up, all it proves is that the prices were too low under government control.

At 1:27 PM, April 18, 2013, Blogger windwheel said...

@ Millhouse, you stupid cunt, maybe you're like real big or real good at krav maga- got to ask are you David Friedman? He is more shite than you.

I notice, Tibor, that brain by pass victim, is piping small as is some shite cunt called Hotsy Totsy or whatever.

You cunt's audition for not jobs but knobs- gratuitiously up yer arses.

At 1:57 PM, April 18, 2013, Blogger windwheel said...

What? You can still suck that dick after it is up your arse. Best practice in Libertarian circles innit?
Worthless cunts- you are all shit. Go fuck your Racist selves. David Friedman is shite.


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