Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Obesity and Rising Incomes:" A Blogging Puzzle

I routinely use Google to find people talking about me online, both out of curiosity and because I sometimes want to respond. Recently I noticed something odd—lots of posts that mention my posting on the subject of obesity and rising incomes, always with that wording. I found nine hits today for the search string ["obesity and rising income" Friedman] and suspect the figure would have been higher if I did the search a few days earlier.

Searching this blog, I found no articles with that title, so went to one of the posts that mentioned it, followed its link, and eventually reached a post I made back in 2007 entitled "Obesity: A Conjecture." Further searching found someone else's post, made a few days later, that used the phrase "obesity and rising incomes." But I do not know how references to an old comment on an old post of mine suddenly become the topic of the day.

Any guesses? Did some very widely read web page have a link to the old comment sometime in the past few weeks?


Douglas Knight said...

A few days ago, a robot spammer called "economics filter format" plagiarized MJ Perry's post. All the hits are are other EFF posts listing that as a recent post.

windwheel said...

I get a lot of random activity on my blog- what are the sources?
Essentially a sort of hijack is embedded into certain sorts of malware and 'bad' sites.
I notice you've been getting quite well behaved recently. Yet your blog stats have gone haywire. There is a lesson here such that 'all who run may read'.
Your comments on your 'Mutazilite vs Ashari' post, too, were commendable for their humility and decent disavowal of Racist tropes.
You are not a cunt, inherently, like Landsburg- but just an old twat like me.
Dunno if you know the lekhah dodi and its relation to the Kuzari. The last Katzenenellenbogen Jurist- i.e. Hart- understood defeasibility- as in halachah vien morin kein- as the essence to the Law.
Read Solomon Maimon and you have Bork's argument against constructive due process which, except in India, has been fucking persuasive.
Dave, mate, you're not shit. You're not a cunt. Like me, you write shite on your blog which is just plain wrong.
I do editing, I do fact checking- I fucking know some dark secrets about the English language from a time when she was totally my bitch.
I say this to you as I say this to anybody else whom I have anathematized
- I will correct and edit your ignorant shite so you don't disgrace the race of Academics.
My email is
Incidentally, I know more about Islam than Timur Kuran and also more Game Theory.
Islam is no threat to the people of Israel or India. Stupid ideas are.
I say this in a spirit of reconciliation.
Freidman, you need NON ACADEMIC intelligent people to talk to. Your Dad failed in that respect. Still, he did talk to some bright people and used an Engineering metaphor (badly) in his Nobel Lecture.
I keep telling you I listened to Morishima- at the LSE- when I was 16.
I'm a bright guy- okay I suffer from Schizophrenia- but I do certain sorts of qausi Karnaugh map type Math better than anybody I know and have a far wider cultural knowledge base than anyone you are likely to know.
Bloomian 'misprision'- look it up- Friedman to Friedman, we are all Freed Men now.

windwheel said...

Friedman, why did you lie about Robert Bork's comments re. Griswold?
What was in it for you?
It seems a wholly gratuitous lie.
Why did you do it?
You are an old man. What could you possibly gain?
I don't get it.
Jews CAN and generally are good people. Fuck is your major malfunction?