Sunday, November 23, 2014

Anyone Want a Talk in Singapore in June? China? Australia?

I may be attending a libertarian event in Bali this June. Given the distance, I would want to visit other places in that part of the world. The most convenient stop would be Singapore, a city I last visited about fifty years ago. I have been in China and Australia more recently, but might enjoy visiting them again.

My talks cover a considerable range. Prices vary, depending on circumstances, from round trip air fare from the U.S. down to the cost of a hotel room for the night.


24601 said...

Hey David… as we've discussed before, we'd love to have you at the Australian Friedman Conference any year. Next year the conference is on 2-3 May.

If that time doesn't work we can try to arrange some talks around the main Oz & NZ cities anyway.

Alternatively, I might be able to arrange something in Cambodia. We're trying to start a market-friendly economics institute at the moment. Touch wood. There's also a free-market group in Malaysia (IDEA) that might be useful.

In Singapore, you might want to get in touch with Razeen Sally, who teaches public policy at NUS. You probably know him already, but happy to put you in touch if you need.

24601 said...

Another thought… the Australian Conference of Economists is on from 7-11 July in Brisbane if you're interested. Would be great to have you there.

Anonymous said...

Dear David Friedman, When are you coming to Israel??

David Friedman said...

A came to Israel a few years back, have no current plans to visit again.

Unknown said...

Hi David,
drop me an email on

I have just been watching one of your videos.

Anonymous said...

Would be delighted to see a talk in Brisbane or the Gold Coast